Haier Maxi Pad1012 Tablet – 9.7 Inches Tablet from Haier with Cortex Processor

Haier Maxi Pad1012 Tablet

Haier Maxi Pad1012 Tablet Specs/Features|Haier Maxi Pad1012 Review

Haier Maxi Pad1012 Tablet has been announced by Haier in the last week of August 2012. Along with this tablet, the company has also announced two other devices. Although complete details of specs and features are not known, few specs have been announced. These devices are expected to make good business in the market, as promised by their specs.


Haier Maxi Pad1012 Tablet is a 9.7 inches screen sized tablet. It comes with display resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It is expected that this tablet will have capacitive type of touch screen and will be enabled with multi touch.


The processor provided on this tablet is ARM Cortex A8 processor but the clocking speed of this processor has not been announced still. Since this processor comes from Cortex brand, it is expected to give good performance.


Details of RAM of Haier Maxi Pad1012 Tablet are unknown as of now. On board memory of this tablet is given as 8 GB. There is provision for the expansion of memory up to 32 GB because of the micro SD card slot feature.


Details of camera on this tablet are not known. But since most of the modern day tablets are being provided with dual cameras with decent resolution, this tablet would also be provided with decent quality cameras.


There is no official word about the battery capacity or battery type. But it is expected to have better quality battery which can give good amount of usage time, internet surfing time, music play time and video play time.


Pricing details of Haier Maxi Pad1012 Tablet are also not known still. Hence we still can’t decide whether the device is cost effective or not.

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