Across World ATab Tablet Review

Across World ATab Tablet

Across World ATab Tablet Quick Specs
Screen size: 7 inches
OS: Android v2.3or Gingerbread OS
Touch screen: Resistance
RAM Type: DDR2
RAM Capacity: 512 MB
Internal memory: 2 GB
Expandable memory: up to 16 GB
3G connectivity: through external dongles
Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes

Across World ATab Tablet Pros

Across World ATab Tablet is a seven inches screen sized tablet having support for Android operating system. This tablet has been provided with 1.1 Ghz processor and hence it could give good performance suitable to the requirements of the users. Since it is coming with seven inches screen size, it would have good demand in the market because more and more number of prospective customers are looking for smaller screen sized tablets.

Across World ATab Tablet has got Wi-Fi internet connectivity also. It is having 3G connectivity also and it can be availed through external dongles. This tablet has been provided with support for wide range of colors. So the customers will be able to get good range of choice with regard to the selection of desired color.

Across World ATab Tablet Cons

Across World ATab Tablet is having some cons also. This tablet is not coming from an established brand or well known manufacturing company. It is not having good brand value in the market. Hence many people are not even aware of the release of this tablet. This device has got support for Across World Education platform, but is not having too many apps.

Across World ATab Tablet is having 3G connectivity, but this tablet is not having inbuilt connection features. 3G connectivity can be availed only through external dongles. So users have to invest again on the purchase of external dongles.

Across World ATab Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Across World ATab Tablet: Rs.5,000

Overall Rating of Across World ATab Tablet: 3/5

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