Ainol Novo 8 Tablet Review

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet Pros|Ainol Novo 8 Cons

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
8 inches
OS: Android 2.3
Display: LCD
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Display Resolution: 1024X600 Pixels
Processor Type: AML8726 –M ARM Cortex A9
Processor Speed: 800 Mhz
Internal Memory: 8 GB
External Memory: up to 32 GB
Battery Life: 3700 mAh
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
3G: External 3G usb Stick
GPU: Mali 400

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet Pros

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet is the best option to go with, when the user is looking for some cheap tablets. This is a China based tablet and hence it is available for low cost in the international market. I could buy this tablet just for $199, since I have availed pre-orders features. But the actual market is price is different. One of the major plus points of this tablet is that it provides access to Android App Market. I could download free apps and could easily install on my tablet.

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet is best suitable for those who don’t expect much from their gadget. Those who want to have basic tablet at affordable price can be comfortable with this one. This tablet is having capacitive touch screen which is a major plus point. Since most of the tablets of its range come with resistive touch screen, this tablet is a special one having capacitive type of touch screen. Wi-Fi connectivity is also provided on this tablet.

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet Cons

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet 1

Customers have to remember that Ainol Novo 8 Tablet is a Chinese tablet and hence the list of cons will be more than the list of pros. This one is suitable only for those who want to own a tablet, regardless of its functionality and brand. This tablet has poor battery performance. Wi-Fi connectivity doesn’t seem to get started easily. It doesn’t get connected to the server easily. This tablet hangs frequently.

Ainol Novo 8 Tablet is offered in two different versions. Users have to pay attention while selecting the right version suitable for their requirements. Display of this tablet is not so good and it regularly gets stuck. It won’t be seen properly in day light.

Price of Ainol Novo 8 Tablet Rs. 8,800/-

Overall Rating for Ainol Novo 8 Tablet: 2/5

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