Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet Review

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet Quick Specs
Screen size: 7 inches
Display type: IPS TFT
Touch screen: Capacitive
Display Type: 1024 x 600 pixels
Internal Memory: 4 GB
Processor: 1 Ghz
OS: Android v4.0 or ICS
3G connectivity: through External dongles
Wi-Fi: Yes

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet Pros

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet has been provided with seven inches screen size. This is the most preferred type of screen size and hence more and more people might be interested to purchase this tablet. This device has been provided with capacitive type of touch screen. Generally, low cost tablets are provided with resistive type of touch screens. But this tablet has been provided with capacitive type of touch screen, even though its price is low. Such kind of touch screens can give good responsiveness.

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet has got support for Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system. This tablet comes with support for 1 GHz processor and hence its performance will be sufficient for accessing basic features of a tablet.

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet Cons

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet suffers from lot of cons. This tablet will not be the right device for those who are looking for some brand name and for those who want to purchase bigger screen sized tablets. This device comes with external dongles support for 3G connectivity, but is not having direct 3 G connectivity.

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet is not having good name in the market. It belongs to low cost low quality category tablets. Hence the actual number of persons purchasing this tablet might be less. Internal memory is also less on this tablet.

Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet: N/A

Overall Rating of Alcatel Evo 7 Tablet: 3/5

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