AOC Breeze Tablet Review

AOC Breeze Tablet

AOC Breeze Tablet Pros|AOC Breeze Tablet Cons

AOC Breeze TabletQuick Specs:
Screen Size:
8 inches
OS: Android v2.3
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 800X600 pixels
Storage: 4 GB
Processor Speed: 1.3 Ghz
Connectivity:  wi-fi
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery Life: 4700 mAh
Port: Micro USB Port

AOC Breeze Tablet Pros

When I start thinking of pros or plus points of AOC Breeze Tablet, the first and foremost thing that strikes my mind is its price. It is very much affordably priced and the price is such a low that it is almost disposable. Another major plus point of this tablet is that it comes with support for Android Market Place. Because of this feature, users can get their desired apps from the Android Market. Most of the inexpensive tablets don’t come with pre installed access to Market. They require rooting and hacking to get to the market. But this tablet provides apps easily.

There is no need to customize AOC Breeze Tablet since it has got fairly good features by default. All the basic functionalities can be done well on this tablet. It can be well used for social networking access and for reading and sending emails. Surfing the web can also be a good experience on this tablet.

AOC Breeze Tablet Cons

AOC Breeze Tablet

AOC Breeze Tablet can be used for doing most of the things that a general tablet can do. But this is not for those who expect it to perform all the features that are possible on tablets. The touch screen provided on this tablet is not that responsive. Good amount of pressure has to be applied on this tablet in order to register a command. Scrolling is also a problem on this tablet, but once I got acquainted to it, I felt easy. Screen of AOC Breeze Tablet is a bit dim. Even when I have set the brightness to the maximum level, I couldn’t get desired results.

AOC Breeze Tablet is not much compatible with other devices. There is no proper support for Amazon App Store. Though I could use Kindle on this tablet, it crashes more number of times. Long process of booting on this tablet tests your patience. Sometimes, it will turn off automatically without any reason, even when the battery is of full charging.

Price of AOC Breeze Tablet Rs. 12,600/-

Overall Rating for AOC Breeze Tablet: 3/5

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