Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet Review

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 Plus Points

Thinner shape of Apple iPad2 has immensely attracted me. This enabled me to hold the device conveniently. Overall weight reduction of this tablet also helped it to acquire new and slim look. In both of these features, thinness and weight, iPad2 outshines its predecessors. Apple has improved the RAM of this tablet from 256 MB of iPad1 to that of 512 MB of iPad2. Though 256MB was sufficient for reading emails or playing Angry Birds on this tablet, it wasn’t good when playing other intense games, or for multi tasking. Anyways, I liked the RAM enhancement in iPad2.

Though the resolution of the screen didn’t change, it has become more efficient and responsive. I felt a bit amazed to see first generation of iPad to get released without cameras. But two cameras were added to the device in the second version. Smart covers of iPad2 are really useful though they are not much smart as their name.  I really found it easy to perform multi tasking on this newer version of the tablet.                  App availability is surely a great advantage for iPad users like me. More than seventy thousand iPad specific apps are offered in this market. Apple iPad2 provides access for Kindle, Nook, iBook and Google Books. I enjoyed reading e-books on this tablet.

Minus points of iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

I couldn’t find dedicated USB support of iPad2 which is a great disappointment. Mass storage option is not provided on this tablet. Only photos & videos are accessible through flash drives on this tablet. I also felt the absence of dedicated SD card slot. Though there is no chance for expanding the memory, many users like me might not be able to fill up the given 32 GB space; hence it won’t be an issue for them. Without adapter, Apple iPad2 can’t support HDMI through HD output. I had to purchase all these adaptors separately. So it became an extra cost.

iPad2 doesn’t have flash support. That means, it can’t show up websites running on flash. Though more and more numbers of websites are not using flash these days, still it will be a problem when I want to visit a particular site having flash.

Price of Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet Rs. 23,999/-

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Apple iPad 2 16GB

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