Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review

Archos 5 Internet Tablet

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Pros| Archos 5 Internet Tablet Cons

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Quick Specs:
: 800 Mhz
OS: Android v1.6
Display size: 4.8 inches
RAM: 256 MB
In built memory: 160 GB
Display Type: TFT
GPS: supported
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mini HDMI
Weight: 286 grams
Display resolution: 480 x 800 pixels

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Pros

Archos 5 Internet Tablet is a phone cum tablet. This is a kind of phablet and will have small size when compared to normal tablets. It has got display size of 4.8 inches which is very much near to 5 inches screen size. Because of its screen size, it can be easily carried in pockets. This tablet provides much comfort and convenience while carrying. It has got display resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It has got weight of 286 grams and hence it is very much easy to handle.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet has got 800 Mhz processor and it is very much sufficient to carry out the normal usage and basic functionalities of a tablet. This tablet ahs been provided with light sensor feature. GPS technology is supported on this device and there is possibility for turn by turn navigation suggestion. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi internet connectivity features are also provided on this tablet.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Cons

Archos 5 Internet Tablet is suffering from few cons also. This tablet is not an actual tablet, but an extension of smart phone. This tablet might not be able to attract all those who are looking for seven inches or ten inches tablets. This tablet will be able to attract only a particular section of prospective consumers.

Bluetooth provided on Archos 5 Internet Tablet is of older version. This tablet works on Android operating system but the version of Android supported on this tablet is of older one. It runs on Android v1.6, but it is not known whether the company is going to provide upgrade for latest version of Android operating system.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Archos 5 Internet Tablet: 399.99$

Overall Rating of Archos 5 Internet Tablet: 3.5/5

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