Archos 8 Home Tablet Review

Archos 8 Home Tablet

Archos 8 Home Tablet Quick Specs

Screen size: 8 inches
Touch screen: capacitive
Thickness: 12 mm
Display Type: TFT LCD
Display Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels
OS: Android
Processor: 600 Mhz Processor
Wi-Fi: Yes
Ports: USB v2.0
Internal memory: 4 GB

Archos 8 Home Tablet Pros

Archos 8 Home Tablet is an intermediate tablet having screen size of eight inches. When the screen size is seven inches, one can say it is smaller screen sized device and when the screen size is ten inches, it can be considered as big sized device. Hence the eight inches screen sized device can be considered as intermediate screen sized device. This tablet has got TFT LCD type of screen with capacitive type of display. One can enjoy smooth performance of the touch screen of this tablet.

Archos 8 Home Tablet runs on Android operating system. So it can provide support for Google Play Store or Android Market for downloading apps and games in huge number. This tablet is powered by 600 Mhz processor. So it can be easily able to suffice the needs of basic users who just want to have low end and entry level tablets.

Archos 8 Home Tablet Cons

Many cons can be listed for Archos 8 Home Tablet. This tablet is having intermediate size which is not regular one. So, the commercial viability of this tablet is doubtful because it is not know how many people will show interest in purchasing such different kind of size. This tablet is powered by just 600 Mhz processor. And, hence it can just give low quality and entry level performance. Even modern mobiles are being provided with better processor nowadays.

Archos 8 Home Tablet is not having camera and hence it can’t be used for video chatting or for taking photos. This tablet runs on relatively older version of operating system and hence its support for latest apps and games is not satisfactory.

Archos 8 Home Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Archos 8 Home Tablet: N/A

Overall Rating of Archos 8 Home Tablet: 2.5/5

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