Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet Review

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet Pros|Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet Cons

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10  inches
OS: Android v2.1
Weight: 570g
Touch screen: Capacitive
Display Resolution: 1024X600 pixels
Storage: 4 GB
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Port: Micro USB Port

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet Pros

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet can be considered as a solid built tablet and its working as hot spot for wireless connection is just amazing. It accidentally slipped from my hands but then, it is working fine. This tablet comes with pre installed apps, most of which I don’t have interest and hence I have uninstalled them soon after buying. I could download and install Kindle and Angry Birds apps, which are my favorite apps for reading e books and playing games. Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet works in a sluggish way. But when I have turned off the background games, this tablet started working properly.

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet provides access to Android market place since this tablet works on Android v2.1 or Éclair operating system. Brightness of this tablet is pretty acceptable. It is easy and simple to use this tablet. One need not have mastery in using electronic devices for using this tablet.

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet Cons

Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet

Touch screen nature of Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet is not up to the mark. I expected at least a better kind of touch screen. But the responsiveness of the touch screen of this tablet is not at all good. I used to miss letters while typing and this has become a headache for me. This tablet is a slow responsive one. When I click links in web browser, it takes much time to load. It is eating up my time. This tablet is not even in line with my mobile phone also.

One of the major disadvantages of Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet is that it doesn’t support Amazon Apps. I had to download apps from other sources for using e books. Few of the apps which I have installed on this tablet have got crashed. This tablet is too slow with regard to the speed of the wireless connectivity. My cell phone and laptop which used the same wireless connectivity feature have given good results, but this tablet couldn’t turn up fast.

Price of Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet Rs. 10,300/-

Overall Rating for Archos ARNOVA 10 Tablet: 2.5/5

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