Archos Memo Touch Tablet Review

Archos Memo Touch Tablet

Archos Memo Touch Tablet Pros|Archos Memo Touch Tablet Cons

Archos Memo Touch Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS:  Android
Display Resolution: 1024X600 Pixels

Archos Memo Touch Tablet Pros

Archos Memo Touch Tablet has been designed especially for senior citizens. Developers have developed this tablet keeping in mind the necessities of the old age people. This tablet is perfectly suitable for them. This tablet can give the details of reminder of medications to be taken at regular timings. It can keep track record of medicines and laboratory tests so that they can easily find them whenever required.

Archos Memo Touch Tablet is having good processor and good responsive touch screen. It has got wireless connectivity so that the old age people can get connected to their beloved ones through internet. This tablet comes with good display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Archos Memo Touch Tablet Cons

Archos Memo Touch Tablet 1

Archos Memo Touch Tablet 1

Archos Memo Touch Tablet is also suffering from few cons. This tablet is intended for usage by senior citizens. So it might not be able to appeal to each and every prospective tablet consumer in the market. Also, few senior citizens would feel that they are been degraded by the usage of special products rather than the regular ones. This tablet is not having good battery life. One has to recharge it regularly. It would be difficult for the old age people to look after the battery recharging of this tablet.

Archos Memo Touch Tablet’s success in the market is still a doubtful one since it is not targeting the whole audience in the market. It is just targeting a section of audience and hence the company might not be able to get the desired results, in terms of sales.

Price of Archos Memo Touch Tablet Rs. 15,500/-

Overall Rating for Archos Memo Touch Tablet: 3/5

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