Augen GenTouch Tablet Review

Augen GenTouch Tablet

Augen GenTouch Tablet Pros|Augen GenTouch Cons

Augen GenTouch Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size: 7 inches
OS:  Android v2.1
Display Resolution: 800X480 Pixels
RAM: 256 MB
Touch Screen: Resistive
Processor Speed: 800 Mhz
Internal Storage: 2 GB
Battery Life: 2100mAh
Augen GenTouch Tablet Pros

Augen GenTouch Tablet is another low cost Android tablet in the market. Major plus point of this tablet is that it runs on Android operating system. So those who want to try out any Android tablet, even if it is of low cost, can go for this option. This tablet comes with Éclair version of OS, but many other cheap tablets come with support to older version of Android OS. Powerful processor of 800 MHz capacity is also a good thing that can be found on this tablet.

Augen GenTouch Tablet is having good features related to connectivity specs. It is not only having Bluetooth connection, but is also provided with Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. SDHC card slot can also be used for expanding the memory of this tablet. WVGA type of screen is another plus point to the tablet.

Augen GenTouch Tablet Cons

Augen GenTouch Tablet 1

Augen GenTouch Tablet is a cheap tablet having compromises on all aspects. First of all this tablet is having resistive touch screen, which is good for nothing. Soon, its performance will go down and this resistive touch screen will start irritating the user, as it has done with me. Another important aspect that can be noticed in the list of specs of this tablet is that it has got 800 Mhz processor. Even smart phones are nowadays coming with such processors. So, it might not be sufficient in the tablets, which are considered to be alternatives for laptops.

Augen GenTouch Tablet is provided with little amount of RAM. Performance and speed of a tablet will depend on RAM. So, when RAM is low, it would obviously imply that it is been made only for slow performers. So, those who can manage with it can only buy this tablet.

Overall Rating for Augen GenTouch Tablet: 2.5/5

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