Benss X638 Tablet Review

Benss X638 Tablet

Benss X638 Tablet Pros|Benss X638 Tablet Cons

Benss X638 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
8.9 inches
OS: Android 2.1
Weight: 670g
Display Resolution: 1024X600 pixels
RAM: 256 MB
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Internal Memory: 8 GB
Processor Speed: 660 Mhz
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Connectivity: wi-fi
Port: USB 2.0
Graphics: Integrated

Benss X638 Tablet Pros

Benss X638 Tablet comes with all kinds of accessories such as shock proof protective bag, charger, connecting cable, earphones, USB cables, user manuals and the device. This device is an affordable one and is a typical Chinese product. This tablet is having 8.9 inches display size. Only few manufacturers are making tablets in this size. Most of them are making tablets of either ten or seven inches screen size. Those who want eight inches or exactly, 8.9 inches screen sized tablets, can go with the option of buying this tablet.

Benss X638 Tablet has got good amount of hard disk capacity. It has got built in rechargeable Li Ion battery and AC adapter. This tablet provides good support for many kinds of audio and video formats. Special feature of this tablet is that it can support many languages like Spanish, English, French, Chinese, etc.

Benss X638 Tablet Cons

Benss X638 Tablet 1

The list of cons of Benss X638 Tablet is big as like with any other tablet. This tablet is having screen size more than seven inches and hence, it is a bit difficult to hand held the device. The RAM provided on this tablet is just 256 MB, which is not good for high level functionality. Another important minus point in this tablet is its touch screen feature. Though there is a touch screen feature provided on this tablet, it is of resistive type. So, I found difficulty in pressing the options to register a click.

Benss X638 Tablet is not having good build quality. This is not the option to select when the user wants to have tablet with all round functionality. Those who just want to have basic features on their tablet can get satisfied with this one.

Price of Benss X638 Tablet Rs. 11,300/-

Overall Rating for Benss X638 Tablet: 2/5

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