Best Tablet Apps for Senior Citizens

Archos Memo Touch, Senior TouchPad Intouch Tablets

Nowadays tablet manufacturers are releasing tablets dedicated to a certain section of people in the society. Earlier we have seen kids tablets and now we can see few companies coming up with ‘tablets for senior citizens’. Actually, these tablets are no different from other tablets, but they have few inbuilt features to make the tablets more useful and suitable for the needs of senior citizens. By using these features and apps on other tablets, even iPad, Nexus or any other tablet can also be turned in to ‘dedicated tablets for senior citizens’. Following are some of the apps and features which might be useful for senior citizens:

Staying secure : Tablets for senior citizens have dedicated buttons on the device for sending instant messages. With this button, they can be able to send out instant messages to their beloved ones whenever they are facing some problem, which might be of health related ones. By installing easy to mail or easy to message apps, one can make this feature available on any tablet.

Staying In Touch : Tablets devices can be very much useful for senior citizens to be in contact with their beloved ones, thereby not allowing boredom or depression to knock them. By installing video conferencing apps, phone calling apps, one can turn normal tablet in to a connectivity providing gadget.

Information Updates: Senior citizens like to be updated with regard to latest information, through newspapers, radio, TV, etc. When newspaper, television apps are provided on the tablet, they can be of great use for senior citizens who enjoy in being updated with latest news.

Helping in organizing the things: Apps related to reminders, notes, calendars, etc will help senior citizens stay organized and hence their tablets should be provided with these apps.

Health related apps: Most important and most beneficial one for senior citizens, is health related feature. Tablets having apps related to health tips, storage of their medical reports, access to contact details of medical stores, doctors, etc can be really of great use to senior citizens at the time of emergency.

Time pass & enjoyment: Gaming apps, chatting apps, book reading apps, music apps will be helpful for senior citizens to be energetic. This helps them to be happy and enthusiastic.

The tablet designed for seniors should be easy to use, have bigger fonts, appropriate display settings, easy navigation options, good responsive touch screen, lightweight. Such features can be found in few existing tablets like Archos Memo Touch, Senior Touchpad inTouch Tablets, etc and these are considered as friendly tablets for senior citizens.

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