bModo 12 Tablet Review

bModo 12 Tablet

bModo 12 Tablet Pros|bModo 12 Tablet Cons

bModo 12 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
12 inches
OS:  Windows 8
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Display Resolution: 1366X768 pixels
Front Camera: 1.3 MP
Battery Life: 4800 mAh
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
Processor: 1 Ghz
Port: USB 2.0
Graphics: Intel GMA 500 Integrated

bModo 12 Tablet Pros

bModo 12 Tablet is having good amount of craze and demand in the market, though it is not from a branded making house. This tablet is having 12 inches screen size. It is offered in two variants of 2 GB and 1 GB storage each. It works on Windows operating system. It can support multi tasking. This is the best feature provided on this tablet, according to my usage. It is because of the reason that many low end tablets are not able to provide good amount of multi tasking capacity to the tablet.

But bModo 12 Tablet is having support for different kinds of tasks at simultaneous timing. It is having support also for different social networking sites like Skype, MSN, Yahoo IM, etc. 

bModo 12 Tablet Cons

bModo 12 Tablet

bModo 12 Tablet

bModo 12 Tablet has more number of cons than its pros list. This tablet is not from a branded house and hence it is not getting huge marketing scope. This tablet is not having great specs list and hence many people are not turning on to it. This tablet is not having support for Android or iOS operating system but is having support to Windows XP. Though Windows is also a good operating system, it is having support for older version of Windows OS, i.e XP.

After XP, Windows has released 7 and is about to release 8 version of OS, but this tablet is stuck still in the XP age. Those who want to use XP tablets, can find this tablet useful one.

Price of bModo 12 Tablet Rs. 41,000/-

Overall Rating for bModo 12 Tablet: 2/5

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