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CherryPad Android Tablet

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Cherrypal CherryPad Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v2.1
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 800X480 pixels
RAM: 256 MB
Internal Storage: 2 GB
Battery Life: up to 6 hrs
Processor Type: ARM 11
Processor Speed: 800 Mhz
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
3G: External 3G Modem
Port: Micro USB

CherryPad Android Tablet Pros

First and foremost thing that will attract your attention while using CherryPad Android Tablet is that it has got 3D acceleration feature. This is the special feature found on this tablet. This tablet has got high performance 800 Mhz processor. Another special feature of this tablet is that the processor of this tablet is of Samsung brand, and hence the performance of the processor is expected to be of high range.

CherryPad Android Tablet can meet the expectations of the users. If you are looking for basic type of tablet with at least one special feature to pose before your friends, this is the one to go for. This tablet won’t be disappointing you with regard to its specs.

CherryPad Android Tablet Cons

CherryPad Android Tablet

Considering the price of the CherryPad Android Tablet, the specs and features provided can be considered as good ones. Major drawback of this tablet is that it has got resistive touch screen. This minus point can pull back the tablet from the race in the market. 3G modem and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity features are provided on this tablet, but they are not working properly.

Wireless connectivity of CherryPad Android Tablet will surely test your patience, since it won’t get connected to the hotspots easily and hence the performance is also low. Stylus is provided with the tablet but that is of low quality. There is no official information about CherryPad Advance tablet yet.

Price of CherryPad Android Tablet Rs. 9,700/-

Overall Rating for CherryPad Android Tablet: 2/5

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