Compare Seven Inches & Ten Inches Tablets

Seven Inches & Ten Inches Tablets

Compare Seven Inches Vs Ten Inches Tablets|Tablets Screen Size

Earlier ten inches screen sized tablets were to be released. But now more and more of tablets are being offered in seven inches screen size. When Apple has released iPad first generation, it created a benchmark in tablet market and its 9.7 or approximately ten inches screen size has become a standard one.

But as the time progresses, it has become three years since the first generation iPad has been released. Now the third generation iPad has also been released. The present tablet market is flooded by small sized tablets i.e. seven inches screen sized tablets. There are also rumors that Apple will release a small sized version of iPad and by name Mini iPad.

Ten inches screen sized tablet are good for displaying content and there will not be much need to scroll or zooming for knowing the details. On screen keyboard will also be provided on this tablet. This on screen keyboard will have better easiness because of its size. But the major disadvantage of this bigger sized tablet is that it can’t be carried in woman’s purse not in man’s pockets. They are to be carried in the way people carry laptops.

On the other hand, seven inches screen sized like Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, etc will have their own pros and cons. The screen area of seven inches tablet will be nearly half that of screen area on ten inches screen size. For instance, the screen area of Google Nexus 7 is nearly twenty two square inches and the screen area of iPad is nearly forty five square inches.

Seven inches tablets are relatively easier to hold and carry. They are good ones for reading e books. They can also fit in woman’s purse. They can also fit in large sized pockets of men. In case of small sized tablets, i.e. seven inches tablets, small capacity of battery will be provided. That means, it will not have much capacity when compared to the batteries provided on larger screen sized tablets.

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