Creative ZiiO 7-InchTablet Review

Creative ZiiO 7-Inch Tablet

Creative ZiiO 7-InchTablet Pros|Creative ZiiO 7-InchTablet Cons

Creative ZiiO 7-InchTablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v2.2
Weight: 415g
RAM:  1 GB
Touch Screen: Resistive
Camera: Front Facing
Processor Type: Arm Cortex A8
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Micro SD Card: 32 GB
Connectivity: wi-fi
Port: Mini USB
Bluetooth: v2.1

Creative ZiiO 7-Inch Tablet Pros

Creative ZiiO 7-Inch Tablet is the one which can serve best for watching movies and TV shows. Those who are movie lovers and like to watch television shows can enjoy this tablet. This tablet can also be considered as a great alternative for expensive iPad. Creative ZiiO 7-InchTablet extends support for more number of movie formats than any other tablet. Provision for the expansion of the memory up to 32 GB using micro SD card slot is really a great feature provided on this tablet. I could easily install non Android apps on this tablet. For this I needed to go to Settings – > Apps for the purpose of allowing the installation of apps.

Apps can be easily downloaded and installed easily. I have downloaded and installed Kindle and Evernote apps and they worked perfectly for me. Any kind of suitable app can get in sync easily. I could store more number of movies and videos on the memory card and the same 32 GB card can be used on this tablet.

Creative ZiiO 7-Inch Tablet Cons

Creative ZiiO 7-Inch Tablet

On the flip side, there are also few issues with Creative ZiiO 7-Inch Tablet. There is no integration of Android market place. I could not download Android apps directly. Stylus is good, but the other items such as earphones and TV out cable are not up to the mark. Four touch buttons are provided on this tablet. These four buttons provide easy access for back, home and other options. If they have been given backlit, I could see it more clearly, particularly in the dark.

Sometimes, Creative ZiiO 7-Inch Tablet stops recognizing wireless router. It says the connection got out of range. Somehow I could fix the problem. Ziiexplorer doesn’t easily recognize the items that are downloaded. It is a sort of inconvenience to the users. Ziiexplorer is a bit sluggish, I have to say.

Price of Creative ZiiO 7-InchTablet Rs. 18,000/-

Creative ZiiO 7 8 GB

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