Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet Review

Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet

Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet Pros|Datawind Ubislate 7+ Cons

Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet  Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v2.3
Display Resolution: 800X480 Pixels
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Processor: 800 Mhz
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
3G: USB Modems
RAM: 256 MB
Battery Life: 3200 mAh
Internal Flash Memory: 2 GB
Port: USB 2.0

Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet Pros
Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet has got few pros which are making it most popular ones among Indian tablets. This tablet is having special feature of lowest price tag. It is offered at Rs.2,999 and hence more and more people, in the order of thirty lakhs, have already booked this tablet. This tablet comes as an improved version of Aakash tablet.

Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet is having better processor when compared to the earlier one. Users can expect double the performance on this tablet when compared to the earlier one. It runs on Android v2.3 OS.

Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet Cons
Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet is also having few cons. Although it has got the tag of lowest cost tablet, it is not of higher standards. Those who are looking for branded tablets rather than the low cost ones, will not get satisfied with this device. It has got just 700 Mhz processor while newer tablets are having 1.2 Ghz processors also.

Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet is not able to generate much interest in the people because of the reason that its earlier version has failed to reach the expectations.

Price of Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet: Rs.2,999

Overall Rating of Datawind Ubislate 7+ Tablet: 2.5/5

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