Dell XPS 12 Tablet Review

Dell XPS 12 Tablet

Dell XPS 12 Tablet Quick Specs

OS: Windows 8 operating system
Processor: 2.6 Ghz Intel 3rd Generation
Hard disk: 128 GB
Screen size: 12.5 Inches
Graphics processor: Intel HD 4000

Dell XPS 12 Tablet Pros

Dell XPS 12 Tablet is a tablet cum ultrabook and hence it is considered as hybrid device. This tablet is powered by great processor and the clocking speed of this processor is 2.6 Ghz. Since the performance of any device, whether it is notebook, or tablet, or laptop, or person computer, or smart phone, will depend on processor, this tablet is expected to get high quality performance because of its high quality processor. Screen features and its qualities are excellent. One can enjoy playing games and watching movies on this tablet. Hard disk provided on this tablet is massive.

Dell XPS 12 Tablet is provided with excellent build quality. Since it is coming from a branded house i.e. Dell, one can expect it to have excellent build quality and durability. Even though the display features and quality are good, it is not much costly when compared to the retina display.

Dell XPS 12 Tablet Cons

Dell XPS 12 Tablet is having many cons also. This tablet is a good device as ultrabook, but its portability as a tablet is not known. It is still not known whether people will accept such heavier and bulky devices when light weight and small screen sized are available in the market. This tablet is too heavy to carry and to hold for longer periods of time. More than a tablet, it is well suitable for usage as ultrabook.

Dell XPS 12 Tablet is not having HDMI connectivity. Nowadays even low cost tablets are also being provided with HDMI connectivity features, but it is strange that such branded tablet is not having HDMI connectivity feature. Windows operating system is relatively a difficult one to use, when compared to Android or iOS operating system on tablets.

Dell XPS 12 Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Dell XPS 12 Tablet: 1,199 USD

Overall Rating of Dell XPS 12 Tablet: 4/5

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