DXtreme D703 Tablet Review

DXtreme D703 Tablet 1

DXtreme D703 Tablet Pros|DXtreme D703 Tablet Cons

DXtreme D703 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android 2.3
Weight: 200g
Display Resolution: 800X480 pixels
RAM: 512 MB
Camera: 2 MP
Internal Storage: 4 GB
Processor Type: ARM Cortex A8
Processor Speed: 660 Mhz
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
Port: Mini USB, Mini HDMI

DXtreme D703 Tablet Pros

There is always a range of products in each and every kind of devices, which belongs to affordable range. Though the products might differ from the advanced devices in terms of features and specs, affordable range have their own customer base. In the same way, DXtreme D703 Tablet also belongs to affordable range in tablets segment. Though this tablet is not the cheapest one, it can comfortably fit in the segment of affordable range tablets. This is the first pros of this tablet.

DXtreme D703 Tablet has got capacitive touch screen. Most of the tablets in its range have been provided with resistive touch screens, but this tablet has got capacitive touch screen. When you are buying a tablet or smart phone or any other device with touch screen functionality, make sure that you go with the device which has got capacitive type of touch screen. Seven inches size of this tablet makes it a easily-held device. Apps can be downloaded on to this tablet very easily.

DXtreme D703 Tablet Cons

DXtreme D703 Tablet 1

DXtreme D703 Tablet comes from unbranded manufacturers. This is the first cons that can be noticed on this tablet. Since it comes from unbranded makers, one can’t expect more from this tablet. Even the customer care department won’t be easily accessible when this tablet gives any problem. I could easily install apps on this tablet, but the wireless connectivity seems to be a problem. Many times, it just gives the message that it couldn’t get connected to the server.

Makers need to focus more on reducing the weight of this tablet since it must be light weighted, so that users can hand held it easily. When you have few extra bugs, it is better advisable to go with some branded tablets for their build quality and excellent customer care services.

Price of DXtreme D703 Tablet Rs. 19,600/-

Overall Rating for DXtreme D703 Tablet: 2.5/5

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