Dxtreme D905 Tablet Review

Dxtreme D905 Tablet

Dxtreme D905 Tablet Pros|Dxtreme D905 Tablet Cons

Dxtreme D905 Tablet  Quick Specs:
Screen Size: 9.7
OS:  Android v2.3
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Display Resolution: 1024X768 Pixels
Graphics: 2D / 3D
RAM: 512 MB
Camera: 1.3 MP
Processor Type: ARM Cortex A8
Processor Speed: 1.2 Ghz
wi-fi, 3G
3G: 3G support, Module via USB Dongle
Battery Type: Li-PO
Battery Life: 5000mAh
Bluetooth: 2.1

Dxtreme D905 Tablet Pros

Dxtreme D905 Tablet is offered in 9.7 inches mode. That means, this tablet is suitable for those who are looking for big sized budget tablets. This tablet is having support to multiple languages and hence users from all corners of the world can purchase it. Good battery has been provided on this tablet.

Dxtreme D905 Tablet has got support for 3G through external dongles. This tablet is also having the feature of GPS internal antenna and also for expansion of memory.

Dxtreme D905 Tablet Cons

Downside of Dxtreme D905 Tablet is having many points. This tablet is not from a branded manufacturing house and hence makers need to concentrate more on marketing of this tablet. This tablet is having poor battery life even though good battery has been provided. It is not available in most parts of the world, even though it has multiple language support.

Dxtreme D905 Tablet is having 9.7 inches screen size and hence it might not appease those people who are looking for small sized tablets.

Price of Dxtreme D905 Tablet: Around Rs.5,999

Overall Rating of Dxtreme D905 Tablet: 3/5