Efun Next 5 Tablet Review

Efun Next 5 Tablet

Efun Next 5 Tablet Pros|Efun Next 5 Tablet Cons

Efun Next 5 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android
Display Resolution: 800X480 Pixels
Internal Storage: 2 GB
Removable Storage: 8 GB
Removable Memory: MicroSD
Processor: 1 Ghz
Port: Mini HDMI and USB 2.0

Efun Next 5 Tablet Pros

Efun Next 5 Tablet is a seven inch tablet and I could handle it easily. This tablet is provided with glossy black plastic and hence it is looking nice. Navigation on this tablet is easy because of presence of three physical buttons on the lower right hand side. Digital pen is also provided with this tablet. Digital pen of this tablet is working surprisingly well. For using this feature, I had to download iNote app. Special feature of this tablet is that it can pick up the matter written on notepad or any other paper through ultrasound/infrared receiver. This eliminates the need to write the matter again on the tablet.

Users are provided with freedom to change the background of the Efun Next 5 Tablet. Writing on this tablet is easy for right hand users, but the makers have to improve the tablet to make it suitable for left handed users also.

Efun Next 5 Tablet Cons

Efun Next 5 Tablet 1

Efun Next 5 Tablet is a bit heavier and bigger in size when compared to other tablets in the segment of seven inch devices. Hence, it won’t perfectly fit in to the pant pockets. Resistive touch screen of this tablet is a major drawback. I had to press the stylus or my finger with force on the touch screen for registering a click or to select. Display of this tablet is not a perfect one, but it shows grainy pictures and videos.

Stylus can’t be used properly on Efun Next 5 Tablet. Only the digital pen works properly on this device. Though the quality of the sound is nice it will fit only for small sized room. Volume rocker feature is absent on this tablet. Accuracy of the input matter is low when you register or type through stylus or fingers. Rear facing or front facing cameras are absent on this tablet, which most of the present day tablets sport.

Price of Efun Next 5 Tablet Rs. 15,600/-

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