Eken K90 Tablet Review

Eken K90 Tablet

Eken K90 Tablet Quick Specs

OS: Android v4.0 or ICS
Screen size: 9.7 inches
Display resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
Internal Memory: 8 GB
Wi-Fi: Yes
3G: External Dongles
Front Camera: 0.3 MP
Rear Camera: 2 MP
Battery: 5000mAH capacity
Sensors: G Sensor

Eken K90 Tablet Pros

Eken K90 Tablet has got support for Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system. It has been provided with 9.7 inches screen size and hence it forms a good option for all those who want to enjoy bigger screen sized tablets. This tablet has been provided rechargeable Lithium batteries of the capacity 5000mAh.This battery is calibrated to give good amount of usage time, when the networking options are used or not used.

Eken K90 Tablet has got 2 megapixels resolution camera on the rear side and 0.3 megapixels resolution camera on the front side. This front side camera can be utilized for video chatting purposes while the rear camera can be used for taking good photographs. This tablet can be a good device for all those who are looking for good connectivity. Wi-Fi, 3G, and other types of connectivity features are supported on this device.

Eken K90 Tablet Cons

Some kinds of cons are also to be noted by prospective purchasers of Eken K90 Tablet. This tablet has got 9.7 inches screen size, but there are also smaller screen sized models from this company. Since there is good demand for smaller screen sized tablets and not for bigger screen sized, the success of this tablet is not so easy in the market. This tablet has been provided with just 8 GB internal memory, although there is provision for the expansion of memory through micro SD card slot.

Cameras provided on Eken K90 Tablet are nothing special. They are just normal and basic quality cameras seen on the low cost android tablets. Rear camera is just enough for taking normal photographs while the front facing camera gives low quality video chatting.

Eken K90 Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Eken K90 Tablet: N/A

Overall Rating of Eken K90 Tablet: 3/5

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