Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet Review

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet Pros|Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet Cons

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android 2.1
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 800X480 pixels
Battery Type: Li-PO
Battery Life:  3500 mAh
Processor Type: ARM 11
Processor Speed: 700 Mhz
Connectivity:  wi-fi, 3G
3G: Module

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet Pros

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet is having nice form factor. Shape of this tablet is a big advantage since it is very much useful in handling the tablet easily. Battery size and life are other important points in the list of pros of this tablet. Most of the tablets are having low battery life. But this is not the case with this tablet. It has got considerably good amount of battery life when compared to other tablets. GPS functionality of this tablet is also good.

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet has got resistive screen. Though it seems to be a minus point for this tablet, I couldn’t stop myself from appreciating the responsiveness of the tablet. The touch screen feature of this tablet is very much responsive and anyone using this tablet would surely be feeling comfortable with it.

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet Cons

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet is having good number of cons too. GPS feature of this tablet can also be considered as a minus point also. This tablet takes much time to acquire signal. It will start acquiring the signal every time you turn on the tablet, but it will consume lot of time. Screen of this tablet is a bit dim. Makers have to concentrate on this area. Google Apps are not integrated on this tablet. Those who assume that there would be Google Apps on this tablet since it works on Android platform will surely get disappointed.

Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet runs on Android v2.2. or Froyo version of OS. But since the hardware of the tablet is not supportive, most of the apps won’t be working properly on this tablet. Active development community is not supporting this tablet. Users can’t get full experience of Android operating system.

Price of Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet Rs. 7,800/-

Overall Rating for Elsse (TM) 7-Inch Tablet: 3/5

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