EXOPC Slate Tablet Review

EXOPC Slate Tablet

EXOPC Slate Tablet Pros|EXOPC Slate Tablet Cons

EXOPC Slate Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS: Windows 7
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Weight: 950g
Display Resolution: 1366X768 Pixels
Internal Storage: 32 GB
Removable Storage: 32 GB
Processor Type: Intel Atom
Processor Speed: 1.66 Ghz
Bluetooth: 2.1
Graphics: Intel GMA 3150

EXOPC Slate Tablet Pros

One of the major plus points of EXOPC Slate Tablet is that it has got responsive touch screen. Most of the affordable price range tablets are provided with resistive touch screens, but this tablet is provided with capacitive touch screen which is an advanced feature. This tablet is a perfect device for a movie lover or gamer like me. This tablet can satisfy all those people who want to have better viewing experience.

EXOPC Slate Tablet responsiveness is good. I could easily switch between apps and I could also run multiple apps without reduction in speed and performance of the tablet. This tablet can emerge as good competitor for several leading tablets in the market.

EXOPC Slate Tablet Cons

EXOPC Slate Tablet

EXOPC Slate Tablet is having short battery life. This is the first and foremost point to be mentioned in the list of cons of this tablet. Makers have to focus on this aspect since users might want to have extended battery life on their tablets. Tablets are generally known for their mobility and are useful for taking it handy. But when the battery life is not so long, the main purpose of using the tablet can’t be realized.

EXOPC Slate Tablet has Bluetooth of the version v2.1. Makers have to focus on upgrading the version of Bluetooth. Price of this tablet is also high. This tablet is made available for $699. Though the technical support services are good, it is better, in viewpoint of sales, to reduce to price of the tablet so as to attract customers.

Overall Rating for EXOPC Slate Tablet: 3.5/5

EXOPC Slate Tablet 32 GB