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Flytouch Tablet

Flytouch Tablet Pros|Flytouch Tablet Cons

Flytouch 10 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS:  Android v2.1
Processor Type: ARM 11
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
RAM: 256 MB
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery Life:  3200 mAH
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Connectivity:  wi-fi
Graphics Type: Integrated
Graphics Model:  Support 1080 P

Flytouch Tablet Pros

I found a new tablet by name Flytouch Tablet and it can be considered as a great device for having basic usage. Those who use tablets for basic requirements can find it useful to buy this tablet. It can be useful for checking emails, surfing the web, watching TV shows and others. It can be very much suitable also for playing online games and downloading few gaming apps. I liked the services offered by this tablet. For the price it has been tagged, the services offered with it are commendable. Services of this company are appreciable since I got my charger replaced within a week when it was not working.

It has got good display of 10.2 inches. Battery life of FlyTouch Tablet is good. I could quickly download and install few apps. Those who love to play games can easily get in love with this tablet. It is quick responsive thanks to its RAM. Surfing the web can be a great experience on this tablet since it can load pages quickly along with displaying graphics properly.

Flytouch Tablet Cons

Flytouch Tablet

Flytouch Tablet has got mixed reviews, both from experts and customers. I personally felt frustrated while using this tablet because of few issues. If such issues are fixed in the next version, the company can have scope to improve its market share. Wi-Fi of this tablet didn’t get connected properly and this annoyed me a lot. Components of Flytouch tablet are a bit loose and they are also defective. SD card didn’t support the camera of this tablet.

Lack of Wi-Fi support is a big drawback for Flytouch Tablet. Hence, it is suitable only for those who want to do light work or for those who want to just play games or read emails. This is not for those who expect high end features or for those who do heavy work on their tablets. This tablet can’t be considered as an alternative for main stream high end tablets like Galaxy Tab, iPad2 or such. It can only be considered as an entry level device who wants to sport a tablet, regardless of its specs.

Price of Flytouch Tablet Rs. 7,800/-

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