Gateway M280 Tablet Review

Gateway M280 Tablet

Gateway M280 Tablet Pros|Gateway M280 Cons

Gateway M280 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS:  Windows 8
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 1280X768 Pixels
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Processor Speed: 1.4 Ghz
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
GPU: Toshiba M400

Gateway M280 Tablet Pros

Gateway M280 Tablet features Intel Pentium Processor which is known for reliability and performance. This tablet is having 1 GB memory which is rare to seen in the segment of tablet PCs. Generally, tablet PCs will be provided with less RAM i.e. 256 or 512 or some times even 128 MB RAM can be seen. But this tablet is having 1 GB RAM and hence there is no doubt that it would give better performance than many other tablets in the market.

Gateway M280 Tablet is having Microsoft Windows XP as its operating system. It is one of the only few tablets that run on Windows OS. Those who are acquainted to windows based devices, can purchase this tablet.

Gateway M280 Tablet Cons

Gateway M280 Tablet is having DDR2 type of RAM. Most of the tablets, laptops and even PCs are now provided with DDR3 type of RAM, but this tablet is still in the age of DDR2. This tablet comes not from an established brand. Hence, it might find difficulty in the marketing section. Most of the tablet purchasers or prospective customers would be looking for Android or iOS operating system in tablets, but this tablet is provided with Windows XP support system.

Windows 7 has been released and 8 version is also going to be released soon. But this tablet still works on the older version of Windows operating system.

Price of Gateway M280 Tablet Rs. 10,000/-

Overall Rating for Gateway M280 Tablet: 2/5

Rank Among All Tablets 630 Top 100 Tablets
Rank Among Windows Tablets 59 Top 10 Windows Tablets
Rank Among 10.1″ Size Tablets 113 Top 10 10.1″ Size Tablets

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