HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet Review

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet Pros|EliteBook 2740P Tablet Cons

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet Quick Specs:
: Intel Core i5
CPU Clocking Speed: 2.53 Ghz
Screen size: 12.1 inches
Type: Laptop/Tablet Hybrid
OS: Windows 7 operating system
Weight: 5.1 lbs
Graphics card: Intel GMA HD
Graphics memory: 64 MB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet Pros

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet is a 12.1 inches screen sized tablet. It is actually a hybrid between tablet and laptop. When keyboard is connected, it can be used as laptop and when keyboard is removed, it can be carried as a tablet. This tablet is powered by Intel Atom processor of 2.53 Ghz. The brilliance of this processor can be seen in the reliability and performance of the tablet. This tablet runs on Windows 7 operating system and hence is considered as one of the top notch tablets running on Windows.

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet is having dedicated graphics card and is provided with 64 MB graphics memory. Hence the graphics of this tablet are considered as better than that of many other tablets. This tablet is having support for external optical drive also.

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet Cons

Cons can also be seen on HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet. This tablet is having more weight when compared to other tablets. It is not suitable for carrying and handling for longer periods. This tablet is having bigger size when compared to most of the big sized tablets. This tablet is not an actual tablet and is not an actual laptop. It has got intermediate size and is a hybrid device. Hence this tablet might not be able to attract all sections of the consumers.

This tablet will be able to satisfy only those who want to detach keyboards from their laptops so as to carry easily. Those who don’t like to carry big sized device like laptops, will not like this tablet. HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet is having Windows 7 operating system, but the support of this tablet for Windows 8 operating system is not known.

HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of HP EliteBook 2740P Tablet: 1699$

Overall Rating of Toshiba Libretto W105 Tablet: 4/5

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