HP Elitebook Tablet Review

HP Elitebook Tablet

HP Elitebook Tablet Pros|HP Elitebook Cons

HP Elitebook Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Windows 7
Display: LCD
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Memory: DDR3 type 4 GB
Hard Disk : 320 GB
RAM: 32 GB
Processor Type: Intel core i5 & i7
Processor: 2.6 Ghz
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000
Port: USB 3.0
Bluetooth: 4.0

HP Elitebook Tablet Pros

HP Elitebook Tablet has got much brand value in the form of HP. This tablet is a convertible type and hence is the most convenient one for those who want to use traditional laptops also. This feature can be considered as the most useful plus point of this tablet. This tablet comes with DDR3 type memory which is the most advanced one and it is possible to expand this memory easily. It has been provided with Intel Core i7 processor and hence the performance of this tablet is very much guaranteed to be impressive.

HP Elitebook Tablet is having 320 GB hard disk. Generally, tablet PCs will have lesser spaced hard disk and low RAM. But this tablet is provided with decent amount of hard disk and Random Access Memory. This is another interesting feature to be noted about this tablet.

HP Elitebook Tablet Cons

HP Elitebook Tablet 1

HP Elitebook Tablet 1

HP Elitebook Tablet is not able to attract huge number of audience in the market. This tablet is having weight of 1.72 kgs and hence it is difficult to hold it for longer period of time. Manufacturers have to consider this fact and should try to reduce the weight of the device as much as possible. HP Night Light feature doesn’t seem to work properly. Bluetooth provided on this tablet is not of the latest version.

HP Elitebook Tablet extends support for multi touch gestures but it is not in the range of high end tablets. This tablet is priced heavily and will surely burn the pockets of the users.

Price of HP Elitebook Tablet Rs. 70,000 – 75,000/-

Overall Rating for HP Elitebook Tablet: 3/5

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