HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer Review

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet

Go Tech FunTab 9.1 Fantasy Tablet  Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
 9.7 inches
OS:  Web OS 3.0
Weight: 740 G
Display Resolution: 1024X768Pixels
Touch Screen: Capacitive
RAM: 256 MB
Camera: 0.3 MP, VGA
Battery Type:  Li-Ion
Battery Life : 6300 mAh
Internal Memory: 16 GB
Processor Speed: 600 Mhz
Connectivity: wi-fi
Port: Micro USB 2.0 High Speed
Bluetooth:  v2.1

What I liked the Most on HP TouchPad

HP TouchPadis the latest gadget I bought. This tablet runs on WebOS v3.0. I liked the performance of the operating system provide on this tablet. I found the usage of this tablet PCs as an exciting one because they have got the integration of all major services ruling today. It also has Flash players.

HP TouchPad provides me the services which I can’t find on iPad such as Amazon’s Cloud Music and Grooveshark. Integration of mainstream services is what making HP TouchPad to be an outstanding one. When compared with this tablet, iPad looks like an app centric ones. Surfing the websites is very much easy on this tablet.

Not able to support NetFlix is a major drawback on HP TouchPad. It is the feature which I had felt its absence on this tablet and the same feature is present on iPad. But then, newer versions of TouchPad are expected to fill up this space. I personally feel TouchPad to be worthy for the price tag it bears. We can consider it to emerge as a tough competitor for Apple’s iPad.

Minus Points of HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad lacks App Market. Of course, more and more number of apps are going to come up but as of now, only few are available. I could manage with what I can get now. Productivity and gaming apps top the charts. This tablet has got only front camera which makes me always feel the absence of rear camera. Only single micro USB connection can be seen on HP TouchPad. When I kept the tablet turned on for whole night, it got low on battery. That means, its stand by power is quite low.

Coming to the price specs, most of the tablets can be obtained in the range of three hundred to five hundred dollars. But 32 GB version of HP TouchPad proved heavier on my pocket with its 560$ price tag. Let me conclude, this tablet is for those who are in search of user friendly OS and those who got bored with iOS or Android OS. Hardware and price can be considered as its major negatives.

Price of HP TouchPad Rs. 8,521/-
HP TouchPad 16GB

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