Huawei Media Pad Tablet Review

Huawei Media Pad Tablet

Huawei Media Pad Tablet Pros|Huawei MediaPad Cons

Huawei Media Pad Tablet Pros Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v3.2
Weight: 390g
Display: LCD
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Primary Camera: 5 MP
Secondary Camera: 1.3 MP
Display Resolution: 800X1280 Pixels
Processor Speed: 1.2 Ghz
Battery Type: Li-PO
Battery Life:
4100 mAh
USB 2.0
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
Bluetooth: v2.1

Huawei Media Pad Tablet Pros

Huawei Media Pad Tablet has got many plus points. It is powered by dual core processor and hence it performance is quite impressive. This tablet is fast responsive and is quite reliable. It has been provided with HD Video recording support and hence one can enjoy good videos and images on this tablet. This tablet runs on Android v3.2 version of operating system. Though it is the not the latest version, it is not an older one.

Huawei Media Pad Tablet is provided with dual camera feature. Rear camera is of 5 megapixels and front camera is of 1.3 megapixels. Both the cameras are considerably satisfactory. They can take good quality pictures and can help in video chatting.

Huawei Media Pad Tablet Cons

Huawei Media Pad Tablet 1

Huawei Media Pad Tablet 1

Huawei Media Pad Tablet also suffers from few cons. After reading the pros of this tablet, anyone would be interested to purchase this tablet. But what pulls back the customers from buying this tablet is its price tag. It is priced somewhere around Rs.27,000. Those who can afford for nearly Rs.30,000 tablet can purchase the industry best tablets like iPad, Galaxy, etc. So, there is no point in pricing the tablet such a high.

It is better if the markers can come down regarding the price of the tablet, Huawei Media Pad Tablet. When they reduce the price of this tablet, they can witness drastic increase in the sales of the same.

Price of Huawei Media Pad Tablet Rs. 26,900/-

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Overall Rating for Huawei Media Pad Tablet: 2/5

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