IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet Review

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet Pros|IBerry Auxus AX02 Cons

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v4.0
Display Resolution: 800X480 Pixels
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Internal Memory: 4 GB
External Memory: up to 32 GB
Rear Camera: 2 MP
Front Camera: 0.3 MP
Connectivity: wi-fi, 3G
3G:  External USB 3G Modem
Battery Type: Li-PO
Battery Life: 4000 mAh
Port: Mini USB and Mini HDMI

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet Pros

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet has been released in April 2012, it’s a time where the awareness and craze about tablets is increasing. Hence, makers can really get profited by releasing the tablet in the right time. This tablet has got seven inches screen size, which is one of the most preferred sizes when it comes to tablet. Special feature of this tablet is that it has got capacitive touch screen. Hence users can enjoy this tablet without any problem.

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet has got good battery which is of 400mAh capacity. Coming to CPU, it has got 1 Ghz processor which is very much useful in delivering the best performance on this tablet.

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet Cons

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet is suffering from few cons which can lower the number of sales of this tablet. This tablet is not coming from a known brand, but from a lesser known brand. Hence its success in the real market can’t be estimated. This tablet is having good battery but the battery life is not up to the market. Wi-Fi connectivity is not so good on this tablet.

IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet has got Bluetooth connectivity option also, but that is of older version. Makers have to concentrate on providing latest version of features on their tablets.

Price of IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet Rs. 9,990/-

Overall Rating of IBerry Auxus AX02 Tablet: 3/5

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