ICan 10 Tablet Review

ICan 10 Tablet

ICan 10 Tablet Pros|ICan 10 Tablet Cons

ICan 10 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size: 
10  inches
OS:  Android v2.1
Touch Screen: Resistive
RAM: 256 MB
Camera: 1.3 MP
Processor Type: Intel
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Internal Storage: 16 GB
Hard Drive:  16 GB
Connectivity: wi-fi
Port: USB 2.0, HDMI

ICan 10 Tablet Pros

ICan 10 Tablet has good set of features. Of all the features, the most functional feature is the present of different kinds of ports. I could use different types of ports on this tablet. It has got two mini SD cards each providing scope for the expansion of the memory up to 16 GB. One HMDI port can also be seen on this tablet along with one Ethernet port. There are two full USB ports which I have used for connecting to my cordless keyboard. Access of Android market is a great feature and it provides me scope for downloading and installing as many as apps possible.

Screen of ICan 10 tablet is another great feature. Though it is not the best one, it can be considered as a good one. This can appeal only for those who love to use big screens. I like to use bigger screens and hence I found it useful to work on this tablet which has got ten inches display screen. Kindle, Kayak, Last.fm, K9 and other apps are working just fine on this tablet.

ICan 10 Tablet Cons

ICan 10 Tablet

There are more numbers of minus points on ICan 10 Tablet when compared to its plus points. I didn’t like the ‘wowHome’ launcher of this tablet. It is really awful. It is also very much slow. But I could fix this problem by using LauncherPro app. It is difficult to watch YouTube video without headphones. Only when I connected headphones, I could hear well. Without headphones I couldn’t hear the sound output of the tablet.

ICan 10 Tablet is not having more number of options with regard to cases. Screen protectors, portfolio cases and other such items can’t be found easily.  That means, I need to be more careful while carrying this tablet. The company couldn’t provide the Froyo update as it has promised. When the downloadable update to another version of v2.1 has been made available, I have opted for it. It has wiped off all the apps and the data on the present version. This kind of service is a major drawback on the part of ICan 10 Tablet.

Price of  ICan 10 Tablet Rs. 37,600/-

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