KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 Review

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1

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KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS:  Windows 7
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Camera: 1.3 MP
Processor: 1.66 Ghz
Internal Hard Drive: 160 GB
Port: HDMI, 3 USB
Storage: 160 GB

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 Pros

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 is another tablet from Kiztek Company. This company produces few tablets which belong to the category of low cost tablets.  The present tablet is having ten inches screen size. So, it is for those people who are looking out for bigger sized tablets. High definition screen provided on this tablet is surely going to attract the users. This tablet is having multi touch features also. RAM provided on this tablet is of 1 GB specs and it is of DDR3 type. This type of RAM is advanced. Generally, tablets are provided with low RAM, but this tablet comes with 1 GB RAM.

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 has got lower price tag and hence it is very much suitable for those who want to try basic level tablet without spending too much. This tablet is having internal memory of 160 GB and as per my opinion, it is having largest hard disk among all low cost tablets.

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 Cons

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 1

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 1

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 is having equal number of cons also. This tablet is not from reputed manufacturer and hence it can’t enjoy all the privileges as like a branded tablet, in terms of marketing and brand value. This tablet is of big size i.e. ten inches, and hence it is not for those who are looking for seven inches screen sized tablets. This tablet is having 1 GB RAM which is just able to perform the basic activities of the users.

KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1  has got resistive type of touch screen and hence it is going to become stubborn after using it for some months. Responsiveness of the tablet screen will get damaged as the time passes, when it is of resistive type.

Price of KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1 Rs. 24,000/-

Overall Rating for KIZTEK Monolith Pro 1: 2/5

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