Kobo Vox Tablet Review

Kobo Vox Tablet

Kobo Vox Tablet Pros|Kobo Vox Tablet Cons

Kobo Vox Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android v2.3.3
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 1024X600 pixels
RAM: 512 MB
Port: Micro USB
Storage: 8 GB
Battery Type: Supported Rechargeable
Processor Type: Cortex A8
Processor Speed: 800 Mhz
Connectivity:  wi-fi

Kobo Vox Tablet Pros

Kobo Vox Tablet can be considered as a competition to the existing tablets which are mainly focused on e book reading facilities. This tablet is provided with 800 Mhz processor. Hence it is good on performance. This tablet is provided with a RAM of 512 MB, which is a good one when compared to the RAM of other tablets in its range. It can be rightly called as a competitor for Amazon Kindle and Nook tablets.

Kobo Vox Tablet is priced very much affordable range. It runs on latest version of Android operating system. It can support more than fifteen thousands of free Android app through third party app store.

Kobo Vox Tablet Cons

Kobo Vox Tablet 1

Like any other low cost android tablet, this Kobo Vox Tablet also suffers from few drawbacks. The processor provided on this tablet is of single core processor only, but few other tablets are also coming with dual core processors. Few tablets are having 1 GB RAM also, but this tablet is just offering 512 MB. Display of this tablet is of resistive type which is a great minus point. Display resolution of this tablet is also low.

Kobo Vox Tablet can be considered more of an ebook reader and less of a tablet. Hence, its success in the market as a tablet is still doubtful.

Price of Kobo Vox Tablet Rs. 10,400/-

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