Kubi Telepresence Stand: Kubi Stand allows Tilting and Pane of Tablets

Kubi Robot Tablet

Revolve Robotics came up with interactive tablet stand which can allow the users to tilt and pan their device while on video calls. The ongoing telepresence market will become more intense because of the latest products from Revolve Robotics which has released low cost telepresence system via crowd funding. This device is different from others and is stationary. This device is named as ‘Kubi’ which translates in to ‘Neck’ in Japanese language.

Kubi is basically a tablet stand which can hold the tablet in both landscape and portrait mode. This device will also allow the caller to pan and tilt the tablet remotely. This will help the users on the other end to change point of view. Kubi tablet holder can hold the tablet of different sizes ranging from 7.9 inches to 10.6 inches. Kubi allows the users to tilt the tablet up to 300 degrees both on left side and right side and it can allow the user to tilt the device in 90 degrees angle both in upside and downside direction. This stand can be utilized through an app which will be available in both Android and iOS markets.

Marcus Rosenthal who is the founder of Revolve Robotics told that they wanted to distill where there is value in telepresence products. This device will give ability for the users to look around the room and also to be present in the room, without actually need to move from room to room. He says that mobility will be the main selling point for telepresence robot when compared to video calling. But, Kubi is not an actual robot. It is just a low cost, cost effective addon for standard teleconferencing systems. Kubi can be of great use when the users are involved in round table meeting and when they want to look around the room.

Helios and Botiful which are available as smaller sized mobile telepresence stands particularly for smart phones have been designed for providing virtually same functionality as in a smaller package. For getting the videos and working of Kubi telepresence device, you can visit the official website of Revolve Robotics. Price of Kubi has been given as 250 USD.

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