Kupa X11 Lux Tablet Review

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet Pros|Kupa X11 Lux Tablet Cons

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS: Windows 7
Weight: 1091g
Display: LED Backlit LCD
Display Resolution: 1366X768 pixels
Battery Life:  10 hrs
Processor Type: Intel Atom Z670
Processor Speed: 1.5 Ghz
Connectivity:  wi-fi, 3G
Graphics: Intel GMA 600

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet Pros

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet is having 10.1 inches screen size. It has become only few of the tablets sporting ten inches screen size, as most of them are being released with seven inches screen size. What I liked most on this tablet is its screen resolution. It has got decent resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Width and height of the tablet are given as 7.32 and 0.58 inches respectively. This tablet is made available in my favorite colors i.e. black and dark grey.

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet has got Intel processor. Processor of the type Atom Z2670 has been provided on this tablet. High performance of this tablet can be attributed to its high quality and high performance processor. Speed of the processor is given as 1.5 and it is very much speed compared to the processors of other tablets.

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet Cons

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet 1

First and foremost thing to be remembered while buying Kupa X11 Lux Tablet is that it is a low grade tablet. This tablet comes from non branded manufacturer. So, the buyer is vulnerable for all kinds of problems that are commonly seen in the purchase of non branded devices. While buying this tablet it is very much necessary to reconsider and to check the prices of other tablets.

Kupa X11 Lux Tablet is having good display but that does work only under certain circumstances. This screen won’t be working properly in the day light. It has got low responsiveness. Makers have to focus on this area so that the newer versions of this tablet can be made much faster compared to this one.

Price of Kupa X11 Lux Tablet Rs. 50,800/-

Overall Rating for Kupa X11 Lux Tablet: 2/5

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