Kupa X15 Lux Tablet Review

Kupa X 15 Lux Tablet

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet Quick Specs
Processor brand: Intel i5
Internal memory: 128 GB
Connectivity: 3G connectivity
RAM Type: DDR3
RAM capacity: 8 GB
Screen type: IPS
Touch screen: capacitive
Rear camera: 5 megapixels
Front camera: 1.3 megapixels

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet Pros

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet is a IPS type of screen enabled device. This tablet is provided with 10.1 inches screen size. It is the tablet powered by Intel i5 processor and is released as one among four tablets from Kupa. This tablet enjoys greater performance levels because of high end RAM. Capacity of this RAM is also higher. It is 8 GB. It is very rare to find tablets having such high capacities of RAM.

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet has been provided with Intel I5 processor. It is one of the top notch processors in the world and hence the performance of this tablet would be a better one. Multi touch is also enabled on this tablet. Wi-Fi internet connectivity options are also provided on this tablet. In most of the tablet the Bluetooth provided will be of older version, but this tablet is having support for latest version of Bluetooth. Dual cameras are provided on this tablet.

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet Cons

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet suffers from certain range of cons also. This tablet is having bigger screen size. Since most of the people nowadays are giving importance for smaller screen sized tablets, the success of this tablet in the actual market might be doubtful. Because of the portability and easy handling features, many are now giving preference for smaller screen sized tablets.

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet is having good battery life but when compared to other tablets, it is of low quality. Also, it is reported that this tablet stuck or hangs in between. Although this tablet is having dual cameras, the front facing camera resolution is not so good. Only the rear camera quality is decent.

Kupa X15 Lux Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Kupa X15 Lux Tablet: 1350 USD

Overall Rating of Kupa X15 Lux Tablet: 3/5

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