Le Pan TC 970 Tablet Review

Le Pan 9.7” Tablet

Le Pan 9.7-Inch Tablet Pros|Le Pan 9.7-inch Tablet Cons

Le Pan TC 970 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
9.7 inches
OS: Android v3.1
Display: LCD
Camera: 2 MP
Processor Type: ARM Cortex A8
Processor Speed: 1  Ghz
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery Life: 6800 mAh
Connectivity:  wi-fi
Bluetooth: v2.1

Le Pan 9.7” Tablet Pros

It is exciting to use my Le Pan 9.7” tablet. It has got positive aspects in most of the things I have expected on this tablet. Screen of this tablet is surely a great plus point. Responsive time can attract any kind of users using this tablet. It is easy to use this tablet, and also to download and install the apps. Integration of online Google Apps is a great thing. I felt great when my contacts and calendar automatically got downloaded and synchronized.

I could use my Gmail offline on Le Pan 9.7” tablet even when I was out of the Wi-Fi range. Gmail App provided on this tablet can downloads and caches the email so that the users can use if in offline mode also. GPS provided on this tablet is of great use. There is no doubt that the videos and photos on Le Pan 9.7” tablet are impressive. I found this tablet to be durable and dependable one.

Le Pan 9.7” Tablet Cons

Le Pan 9.7” Tablet

Power button provided on Le Pan 9.7” tablet is not good. This tablet is easily prone to finger print marks. I need to carry a microfiber cleaning cloth along with my tablet. Using wet-dry LCD screen wipes can be useful on this tablet. Bass component of the speakers of this tablet are not at all recognizable. Speakers are a great minus point for this tablet. I couldn’t run Hulu application for watching TV on Le Pan 9.7 inch tablet. Though the hardware is sufficient enough for running this application, Hulu doesn’t love Android devices and hence I had to see annoying message when I tried to start this application.

Le Pan 9.7 inches tablet is a bit heavier (just slightly) compared to other tablets. It would be much better to operate this tablet keeping it on lap while sitting down. Video calling through Skype is not supported on this tablet. Another great disappointment is that the camera can only take pictures in mirror mode. Ebsco databases can’t be handled by the browser provided on this tablet. When I have installed Opera Mobile Web Browser, Ebsco database worked fine.

Price of Le Pan 9.7 inches tablet Rs. 14,500/-

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