Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet Review

Matricom bSocial 7 Tablet

Matricom bSocial 7 Tablet Pros|Matricom bSocial 7 Cons

Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android 1.5.5
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 800X480 pixels
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Internal Storage: 2 GB
RAM: 128 MB
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Bluetooth: v2.1

Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet Pros

I used this Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet which worked just fine for me. It is a bit tricky to use keyboard on this touch screen. When I have used stylus, it was just awesome. Even using a pencil eraser, I could work on this tablet. Different kinds of applications can be utilized on Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet. This tablet comes with various kinds of pre installed apps. Wireless network can be utilized on this laptop through Wi-Fi connectivity. Back lit touch screen feature is an attraction to this tablet.

It is easy to carry around this tablet. Another special and noteworthy feature on this tablet is that I could use internet working very fast. For the purpose of watching YouTube videos, I had to download special software, but that was for free. Low cost of this tablet makes it much special ones.

Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet Cons

Matricom bSocial 7 Tablet

Battery life of Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet is a bit low. But this can be attributed to the wireless connectivity feature and back lit touch screen display. This tablet is best for those who want to learn about using tablets or those who want to use entry level tablets. Coming to the performance, I could rate it three out of five. Another important disaster in this tablet is that the materials used on this tablet are of cheap quality.

Major drawback on Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet is that it has got v1.6 version of Android operating system. Nowadays, we have tablets working on v2.3 and v3.0 version of Android OS. Compared to them, this is an age old tablet working on previous versions of the operating system. Lots of updates are required for this tablet to work on some software tools.

Price of Matricom bSocial 7” Tablet Rs. 9,300/-

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