MSI WindPad Tablet Review

MSI WindPad Tablet

MSI WindPad Tablet Pros|MSI WindPad Tablet Cons

MSI WindPad Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Windows 7
Weight: 800g
Display Resolution: 1024X600  pixels
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery Life: 6 hrs
Processor Type: Intel Menlow Atom Z530
Processor Speed: 1.6 Ghz
Connectivity:  wi-fi
Port: USB 2.0, Mini HDMI

MSI WindPad Tablet Pros

I love windows based tablet because I feel very much comfortable working on it, since I am acquainted to use windows based PCs. Hence, I have found MSI WIndPad tablet to be a great device. All those who want to use windows based tablet can enjoy using this tablet. It has got good list of specs. AMD fusion can be considered as a great feature provided on this tablet. MSI WindPad tablet extends its support for DirectX 11 also. This makes it to give a smooth experience to the users. 4 GB RAM is also provided on this tablet which enables me to use this tablet without any kind of jerks.

MSI WindPad tablet provide convenience for the users to use MS Office 2010 smoothly. It has got special mouse button which is in the style of Blackberry optical mouse. This is another great feature which has attracted my attention. This feature can enhance the user experience working on it. This tablet extends its support for Silver light and Flash based browsers. It can be considered as a small sized PC or notebook rather than oversized internet device.

MSI WindPad Tablet Cons

MSI WindPad Tablet

Though I got a good first impression on MSI WindPad tablet, it also has got some issues. Display, weight and size of this tablet are considerably good while it suffers from a fatal flaw. Soon after setting up files, I could see the much familiar Windows logo screen. Wireless functionality of this tablet didn’t work. I have found it difficult to turn on the wireless functionality. There is no mentioning of procedure of turning on the wireless switch in the guide or manual.

MSI WindPad tablet can’t be considered as an efficient ebook reader. The battery life is a great drawback for this tablet. Still moving parts are present inside the tablet. This has to be rectified by the manufacturer, at least in the next version. Internal fan provided for the purpose of cooling the GPU/CPU makes noise and it is a bit tough for handling the tablet because of this reason. This tablet doesn’t come with a pen. MSI WindPad is provided with too short power cord. It can be a bit longer to provide scope to move it here and there.

Price of MSI WindPad Tablet Rs. 34,990/-

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