NextBook NEXT2 Tablet Review

NextBook NEXT2 Tablet

NextBook NEXT2 Tablet Pros|NextBook NEXT2 Tablet Cons

NextBook NEXT2 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v1.5
Touch Screen: Resistive
Weight: 350g
Display: LCD
Camera: 1.3 MP
Display Resolution: 800X480 Pixels
RAM: 128 MB
Internal Memory: 2 GB
Processor Type: Intel Pentium 4
Processor Speed: 600 Mhz
Connectivity: wi-fi
Flash Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive Interface: USB 2.0

NextBook NEXT2 Tablet Pros

First of all, the most important feature which has attracted my attention while un-boxing the NextBook NEXT2 Tablet is its high quality craftsmanship. I could discover a useful instruction manual in English.  This tablet is primarily an e book reader. There are two hardware buttons provided on this tablet and they are right and left arrows. These arrow buttons can be useful for the purpose of flipping forth and back pages of the e book. These buttons are big enough that a single press ensures swiping of the pages. Tablets works decently until you don’t expect more than reading an e book. There is another option of swiping the pages from left to right or right to left for changing the pages. This can be possible by the presence of touch screen which is good responsive one.

Several apps are included on NextBook NEXT2 Tablet. Among them a web browser, which is standard for Android running devices can be noticed. Since I use Android based phone, I didn’t feel new to this browser. Though the browser is slow, it is quite useable. Sometimes, it might not register the web pages accurately. But in most cases, it works fine.

NextBook NEXT2 Tablet Cons

NextBook NEXT2 Tablet

I found several issues worrying me on this NextBook NEXT2 tablet. The on screen keyboard is quite awful. It doesn’t register the presses properly and it becomes difficult to use this keyboard. Resistive touch screen of this tablet is a big drawback on this tablet. Pressing the keys or its registration is a little bit frustrating. Volume of the headphones can be a bit louder. Those who want to have better gadget will surely get disappointed with this tablet since it is not a high end device.

NextBook NEXT2 tablet is not having a camera and this can be a major minus point since most of the tablets nowadays are offered with camera feature. There is need to insert SD card for expanding the memory. It is almost necessary for every user to make use of SD card since the default memory included in the tablet won’t be useful for running the tablet smoothly.

Price of NextBook NEXT2 Tablet Rs. 5,900/-

Overall Rating for NextBook NEXT2 Tablet: 2.5/5

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