NextBook Next3 Tablet Review

NextBook Next3 Tablet

NextBook Next3 Tablet Pros|NextBook Next3 Cons

NextBook Next3 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
8.4 inches
OS: Android 2.1
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 800X600 pixels
RAM: 256 MB
Internal Storage: 2 GB
Processor Type: ARM
Processor Speed: 600 Mhz
Expandable Memory: up to 32 GB
Battery Life: up to 6 hrs
Port: Mini USB 2.0

NextBook Next3 Pros

NextBook Next3 Tablet has got good number of features worth buying. One of the major advantages that this tablet has got is that it can play videos at good quality. This attracted my attention because I have noticed that this tablet could do better with videos than any other tablet. Hi Definition resolution of its display might be the reason behind it. It has got a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. HD movie camcorder can also be used on this tablet. This tablet has got good e book reader facility. Photo browser on this tablet is also a good one.

NextBook Next3 tablet can be considered as one of the best e book readers having color screen and wireless connectivity features. I could connect my Macbook to this tablet using mini USB port. There is an USB cable included in the package. Using SD cards, this tablet can also expand its memory up to 8 GB.

NextBook Next3 Cons

NextBook Next3 Tablet 1

One of the major cons of NextBook Next3 is that it has got a resistive touch screen. Any touch screen gadget won’t work properly if it has got resistive type of screen. Instead, capacitive type of touch screen works better. It can be used only with a stylus not with a finger. It is not possible to scroll the pages smoothly. Sometimes, it won’t select times, even if you click on it repeatedly. Battery is another major disappointment on this tablet. It won’t work properly and will get exhausted soon. Single power off click is also a big minus point. It is better to shut down this device manually.

NextBook Next3 tablet cannot support Android market place. Only those who know the procedure of flashing custom ROM and root in to the same can get access to this market place. Lack of publicly available custom ROM is another minus point for this tablet.

Price of NextBook Next3 Tablet Rs. 12,400/-

Overall Rating for NextBook Next3 Tablet: 2.5/5

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