Nissan Terra Concept SUV Integrates Tablets as Dashboard


Nissan will be exhibiting its new Terra SUV concept car at Paris Motor Show later in September, 2012. Unique feature of the car is that it will be having a tablet as instrumental panel. The appearance of the new concept car is much similar to the Nissan Juke but it differs in some features such as having three electric motors for driving the wheels. The car is also equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell stack for generating electricity.

Nissan’s new concept car has been designed to have a removable tablet inside it. When the tablet is docked in the car, the slate will display the speedometer and energy consumption. It is also possible to switch the tablet to other purposes such as infotainment. The tablet although will display all the driver information like the speed of the car side-by-side.

Nissan’s new Terra SUV concept car is going to be unveiled at Paris Motor Show that will begin on 27th September. In the recent times, the trend of using tablets and other devices in cars is catching up fast with the car manufacturing companies. Renault has exhibited its vehicle with tablet GPS system at LeWeb conference in Paris in 2011 and Kia and Cadillac are offering tablets for free to woo the customers.

Though Nissan Terra is going to be launched later, the company has leaked some details of the features about the body, interior amenities etc. It seems to provide hydrogen fuel cells for locomotion. There will be LED headlights, large wheels, flattened windshields etc. The car can be able to be driven only if the tablet is in its dock this may be because to make thefts impossible. What is to be seen from the Terra SUV car is that the hydrogen automotive technology provided is not fully developed. Hydrogen fill-up stations may not be available in all places if there is not much demand for such vehicles. Coverage is also not offered by insurance companies for such cars.

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