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Nook Tablet

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Nook Colors Tablet  Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android v2.3
Display Resolution: 1024X600  pixels
RAM: 512 MB
Internal Storage: 16 GB
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Connectivity:  wi-fi
Port: Micro USB
Graphics: Including 109 Graphics Novels

Nook Tablet Pros

Home screen of Nook Tablet is very much customizable. Resolution and many other specs of this tablet are same as that of Nook Color Tablet. Processor of this tablet is fast. Specialty of the display of this tablet is that it is of IPS type. Best part of this feature is that it enables the users to view the video or images on the screen from any angle without losing the picture or without glaring. Performance wise, this tablet is a good one. Crashes and shutters can’t be seen on this tablet, since this tablet can easily support different kinds of games and apps simultaneously.

Memory of Nook Tablet can be expanded by using the feature of micro SD card. This tablet works on v2.3 or Gingerbread version of Android operating system. Barnes & Noble has totally customized Android OS to suit the needs of the users of the tablet, like reading rather than emailing or web browsing.

Nook Tablet Cons

Nook Tablet 1

There are no many cons about Nook Tablet. This tablet can be useful only for those who want a tablet for just reading e books. This tablet may not be able to satisfy people who want to use tablet for different kinds of purposes. Though it is possible to play videos and browse the web, this tablet is not intended for all such uses. Its main objective is to serve as an e book reader. Hence, other features can’t be utilized to the maximum potential level.

Since Nook Tablet comes from a noted brand, Barnes & Noble, price of this tablet would be high. All the apps available on Android Market Place might not be able to get installed on this tablet. Only few special apps that are been submitted to the Barnes & Noble can only be used on this tablet.

Price of Nook Tablet Rs. 10,300/-

Overall Rating for Nook Tablet: 3.5/5

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