OpenPeak Android Tablet Review

OpenPeak Android Tablet

OpenPeak Android Tablet Pros|OpenPeak Android Tablet Cons

OpenPeak Android Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v2.2
Display: LCD
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Display Resolution: 1024X600 pixels
Camera: 5 MP
Processor Speed: 1.9 GHz
Connectivity: wi-fi
Port: USB

OpenPeak Android Tablet Pros

The list of pros of OpenPeak Android Tablet can be a bit big when compared to tablets of same range. This tablet has got 7 inches screen size with capacitive touch screen feature. Presence of capacitive type of touch screen attracted me a lot. This tablet is provided with 1.9 Ghz processor which can be considered as a big plus point since presence of powerful processor can improve the performance of the tablet to larger extents.

Coming to the connectivity features, OpenPeak Android Tablet is provided with almost all types of modern connectivity features. It has got Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, Bluetooth feature and 3G compatibility. Another important feature on this tablet is that it has got 5 megapixels camera. Most of the other tablets are not having camera and if they have, they are just of 1.3 or 2 megapixels.

OpenPeak Android Tablet Cons

OpenPeak Android Tablet 1

After going through the specs list of tablet and after using the OpenPeak Android Tablet, it is difficult to find too many cons. Major con that this tablet might face in the market is about its brand. This tablet doesn’t come from much reputed brands in the industry, hence it might not get the deserving demand and craze in the market. This tablet is having a bit heavy weight. Tablets need to be lightweight so that it is easy to handle them.

OpenPeak Android Tablet has got all types of connectivity features, but it would have been better if the markers have provided provision for voice calls on this tablet. The resolution of front camera can also be improved, as per my opinion.

Price of OpenPeak Android Tablet Rs. 15,600/-

Overall Rating for OpenPeak Android Tablet: 3/5

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