Pandigital Nova Tablet Review

Pandigital nova Tablet

Pandigital Nova Tablet Pros|Pandigital Nova Cons

Pandigital Nova Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen size:
7 inches
Processor speed: 800 Mhz
Processor brand: A M Logic Cortex A9
In built memory: 4 GB
Flash support: no
Touch screen: capacitive
Camera: one rear and one front
Weight: 14.4 oz
Display resolution: 800 x 600 pixels

Pandigital Nova Tablet Pros

Pandigital Nova Tablet is a low cost seven inches tablet and hence it will be able to gain more market exposure. Nowadays many people are looking for small sized tablets rather than bigger sized ones. Hence this tablet can be able to make good business in the market. This tablet has got Wi-Fi connectivity features. It runs on Android v3.0 or higher operating system. Since there is good demand for Android tablets in the market, this tablet can make good business in the market.

Pandigital Nova Tablet has been provided with 800 Mhz processor. It can be useful for new users and those who don’t use the tablet much. Those who are looking for entry level tablet can get satisfied with this tablet. There are dual cameras provided on this tablet. One camera is on the front side while other one is present on the rear side. Rear camera can be used for taking photos while the front facing camera can be used for video chatting.

Pandigital Nova Tablet Cons

Pandigital Nova Tablet cons are also present in good number. This table will not be able to provide best quality video chatting options because of its low resolution camera. Also, the internal memory provided on this tablet is very much low and is 4GB.

Pandigital Nova Tablet runs on android operating system but not on windows operating system. So this might not attract windows users. Nowadays many tablets are being released with support for windows operating system. Hence this tablet might not be able to fit in the present market trends. There is no support for flash and hence, this tablet cannot display Mp4 videos without the help of other aps.

Pandigital Nova Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Pandigital Nova Tablet: 179.99$

Overall Rating of Pandigital Nova Tablet: 3/5

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