Play BE 150 Tablet Review: Mitashi Branded 7 Inches Tablet with Decent Specs

Play BE 150 Tablet

Play BE 150 Tablet Quick Specs
Screen size: 7 inches
Wi-Fi: Yes
3G: through external dongles
OS: Android 4.0 ICS
Processor: 1 Ghz CPU
Rear camera: 2 megapixels
Front camera: 0.3 megapixels
Memory expansion: up to 32 GB
Display type: LCD

Play BE 150 Tablet Pros

Play BE 150 Tablet is an Android tablet having seven inches screen size, as like most of the tablets in the market. This tablet has been provided with Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system because of which it would be easy to install and enjoy apps and games from Google Play Store. This device has got memory expansion feature of 32 GB.

Play BE 150 Tablet comes with 1 Ghz processor and hence it can give decent performance for all those who are expecting basic performance from their tablet. This device is having dual cameras, one for video snapping and one for video chatting.

Play BE 150 Tablet Cons

Play BE 150 Tablet is also having big list of cons. Mitashi might have good name in few markets but in the international stage, it has not so great brand value. This tablet has been provided with just Ice Cream Sandwich version support while few others are provided with Jelly Bean support also. Quality of the cameras provided on this tablet is very much low. Hence, it can’t give best quality video recording or video chatting.

Play BE 150 Tablet is having just single core processor while many of the modern day tablets are provided with dual core processor, quad core processor or such multi core processors. Hence it can’t support multi tasking.

Play BE 150 Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Play BE 150 Tablet: N/A

Overall Rating of Play BE 150 Tablet: 3/5