RocketFish Android Tablet Review

RocketFish Android Tablet

RocketFish Android Tablet Pros|RocketFish Tablet Cons

RocketFish Android Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
9 inches
OS:  Android v2.2
Touch Screen: Resistive
Camera: VGA Front Facing

RocketFish Android Tablet Pros

RocketFish Android Tablet can be considered as a typical low priced tablet available in the market. It has got nine inches screen display. The display of this tablet is having touch screen features but is of resistive type. Coming to the operating system of this tablet, it runs on Android Froyo v2.2. This tablet is having front facing VGA camera and this camera can also be used for video calling purposes. This tablet is provided with provision for expansion of the memory using micro SD card slot.

RocketFish Android Tablet is having good connectivity features. It is having both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity features. This Bluetooth enabled devices enjoys the privilege of having latest version of Bluetooth.

RocketFish Android Tablet Cons

RocketFish Android Tablet 1

RocketFish Android Tablet is having nine inches screen size. Most of the successful tablets have just seven inches screen size. That means, people are giving preference to seven inches tablets rather than nine inches one. Hence, it can be considered as a minus point for this tablet. Though this tablet has touch screen feature, it is of resistive type.

Camera provided on RocketFish Android Tablet is of VGA type. I wish makers might improve the resolution of this camera. Considering the specs of this tablet, price tag of this tablet might look like a heavy one. Wi-Fi feature doesn’t seem to function properly every time I try to connect through it.

Price of RocketFish Android Tablet between Rs. 15,000/-

Overall Rating for RocketFish Android Tablet: 2/5

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