Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet Review

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet Quick Specs
Screen size: 7 inches
Operating system: Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich OS
Processor brand: A13 Cortex A8
Processor capacity: 1 Ghz
RAM Type: DDR3
RAM capacity: 512 MB
Internal memory: 4 GB
Touch screen: Capacitive
Graphics: Dual Mali 400 2D/3D core
Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes
3G: through external dongles
Camera: 0.3 MP Front

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet Pros

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet is one of the wide range of low cost Android tablets seen in the market. It is having very typical specs like VGA front camera, external 3G dongles, etc. it is provided with seven inches screen size and hence it is a plus point. This tablet is powered by 1 Ghz processor which can give good performance. RAM provided on this device seems to be a better device having advanced version i.e. DDR3 Type.

Best part of Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet is that it is provided with low price tag and capacitive touch screen. Low price tag ensures that the users are at good deal even though the specs are not so good. And the capacitive touch screen ensures that the users can use touch screen for longer periods of time without reduction in the quality of its responsiveness.

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet Cons

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet is having too many cons. This tablet can’t be purchased just because it is offered at low cost. It is priced below 100 USD, but is having poor specs. This tablet is not having at least rear camera to take photographs. Also, you can’t consider the camera provided on front facing side as a camera, because of its utterly low quality output.

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet is having RAM of DDR3 type but what’s the use. It is just of 512 MB capacity. So it won’t be able to give that extra cutting edge smooth performance which is seen on 1 GB RAM enabled tablets. This tablet has got seven inches screen size and can’t show videos at bigger screen size resolution. Also, its support for Jelly Bean OS is not known.

Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet: 360 AED or 98 USD

Overall Rating of Simmtronics SIMM-X720 Tablet: 3.5/5

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